Bunker Bunker Bunker

The best ankle boots ever and you’ll love them also!!!


press Anglais!!!


Www.bunker.es ( Spanish boots with thick lace and deliver to Australie)…….


Bonjour, Maisonmummy’s

Before you think this is about boring surgery. Think twice, Ing.. Don’t be a bore!
Okay I’ll get it out of the way and  then here’s a little something going in collaboration with suis ( Nikki) my old Kew friend I knew when she was in her maisonmummy she womb!
So first the fun of surgery. In one word……
Well it’s been a while. Great excuse to write, anyway. Day 5. Never mind. You all know the deal. Pain as if a knife ( actually ditz) a knife dud cut be surgically. And now bruising is setting in. Not to mention a sick child at home and I can hardly limp.


Fun fun fun! But
To be honest shoes are so much for fun!!!
Yes I’m a boot girl but these are groovy euro Booties – the best I’ve ever laid my eyes on, anyway.
So, Maisonmummy’s grab a cafe au lait and read this. Maintenanat. NOW!!!
This IS worth the read
Well Nix my sis went to Spain recently and thecsgiesaszwe all know there are out of this world. Not as cheap as they used to be fir designer but Bunker is the word
*Bunker * is Boho bliss with a classy edge. You’ll see why because they have thick lace on top and they are leather and soooooo comfy. I wear them with my dressing gowns
Bad news? Maisonmummy did the wild search but No Bunkers here in Austrakia ( even hard to find in the states)
However after days I found them
BUNKERS. Abd if you have the pleasure if wearing these then you’ll feel like the luckiest boho schmick chick around
BUNKERS are the winter updated solution to Birkenstocks. I have grey with medium whitish- cream lace with flours And a colour between taupe/ Matt good and a bronze you washed out colour with coppery lace webbing sticking Abd and cream flowers.


I just hope you get to see them as WordPress has changed picture settings. All I desire now us black with black lace fir winter as well Abd then I can throw out 80’pervebt of my shoes.

Web: www. Bunker.es ( Espanol) and who hoo can be shipped to Australia. No issues. Great service. Love them!!

Bless- boots-bless

ing x



# Dyson supersonic hairdryer report


Gosh I just love blogging!

well, in all truthfulness,  at times it gets in my nerves like any job does , however, just when you plan to slow down ( which indeed I have done) you keep pushing on because you know deep inside

a) you do love what your doing < tick>

b) you have this unwavering passion for design- it’s all art , everywhere < tick>

c) when you find something that changes your little world and and are appreciated for not only writing your blog but also quite unexpectedly you receive a  free expensive, quality good,  you sigh abd think – mm it *really*  IS all worth it all < tick tick tick>

So…..what’s the big win? Moreover, what’s all this major  excitement all about?

Don’t stop reading, check this out….

Yup, maisonmummy has just been awarded a *Dyson supersonic hairdryer* <worth as much as a small Dyson vacuum-cleaner > …. did I mention it was NOT a vacuum cleaner? It really IS a hairdryer extraordinaire!


Yup, Dyson has dared to go into brand new territory into the land of hairdressing products and made ( for now) the supersonic , ultimate hairdryer .

To kick things off, let’s begin with the bad news-

And just before you give up completely due to the price of this gadget ( a mere $699aud or $299pounds), I understand fully why oh why would *anyone* spend that  much money on a mere hairdryer unless you were having regular Botox or didn’t have to even think about money at all  ( at I’m not having Botox yet- no, I’m fortunate not to have to have it YET. I shall wait until my son graduates with a medical degree in cosmetic surgery. That’s ages away. Anyway, I’m a scardy  cat- for now ). Further, I make a living by design Abd must save save save  – I’m a mere designer trying to save to design old cottages and up cycling is most of what I do ( must say I have found some DIVINE pieces of art, old mirrors and items fir the house I only need to add chalk paint to and voila, you would never know. I did get my entrance hall church pews for gratis from my family church but had to promise to keep them forever. Mind you, I love them as they can be used to put on your children’s shoes Abd winter hoods and it suits modern or old. Okay so I like to mix old with new and that’s where I arrive at ; ( drumroll )…THE

dysons supersonic ultramodern hairdryer

because it does look like something.. Rather space-age ( see above  – I asked fir white as I couldn’t do the ultra barbie pink after years of having a young girl at home yearning to wear the colour. Thankfully my daughter also is a black grey and  white girl these days. I wonder, has it something to do with living in Artsy Northcote? Or just growing up? Who knows but she is in the white team at sports school which may help.

A few points about the supersonic Dyson hairdresser;

1. Yes it’s expensive

2. If you can handle the price the are some added bonuses

3. I have thick longish hair so it can take up to an hour to dry my hair! Try 10 minutes instead- especially with a sore back!

4. It doesn’t damage your hair

5. It WONT damage your  hair like hair staighteners Abd other hair dyers do as it blows out cooler energy. It the mystery of the product  if you go online a type in *Dyson supersonic hairdryer*  it will explain further why it doesn’t damage hair which can only be a good thing.

6. It’s way lighter than most large hairdryers

7. It is either quieter than other hairdryers or let’s off a different sound so you can still hear the TV or radio in the background if you wish.

8. You don’t need a hairbrush. No, mist hairdressers just use their hands through a clients hair Abd it does the job.

9. most frizz will disappear so you won’t bed to use a straightener afterwards ir curler/ rollers depending on what you want to do of course.

10. Finally, makes life for people like he with thick mid-length hair MUCH easier Abd don’t we all deep down wish for  that  ?

so if your thinking of purchasing one, I’ll be writing more about it in my maisonmummy blog just to see if it continues to work Abd how it best works but for now I’m one very content maisonmummy. It’s also great for using on children as it doesn’t overheat hair or littke ears and heads so I say go without the designer jewellery or bag this year thus Christmas and if your hair is driving you batty you might consider one of these beauties.

Funny, how I’m seeing them everywhere arm  the other day the Girks in the cuerrrnt Australian Batchie series were using them in hot pink , however I am more than delighted with pure white.

Got any questions? You might want to wait 6-12,months to purchase one as the price is surely to go down, don’t you think?

happy blow drying  and share comments with maisonmummy anyone who has one – they only came out in the Austrakian market in July this year so there’s plenty of time.

The next one should be even quieter and  lighter AND  even faster than this current model .

Question is, would I purchase one myself?

oh yeah baby !Anythubg that saves time on my locks is bliss fir me. My hands get way too  tired Abd Anythubg that helps, well, I have enough jewellery anyway, this year if prefer something hands-on, practical!















Maisonmummy-mega sale !


  • Maisonmmmy.com Mega Sale item:
  • only one set to go!
  • A stunning copper rain faucet
    ( burnish black and copper delight!)
  • Maisonmummy.com has is selling ( only 1 to go) luxe copper with hint of burnish black on the on the smaller hand shower.
  • What is it for? This luxury European item that can be used in traditional or very modern baths with showers above them as well as an additional hand shower!
  • (This set is especially Designed  for Australian bathrooms, flexibility and the family in mind).
  • It is very affordable
  • Designed fir a modern or claw foot bath where multi usage is required.
    Comes with an oversized round copper shower head ( bliss)
  • And a smaller hand shower for Children so they may wash themselves at an appropriate age or elderly or yourself when washing your hair from a bath.
  • Comes with an additional lever hot/ cold with white porcelain lever taps!
  • The oversized shower head comes complete with long copper pipes.
  • It has 2 diverters:
  • One between the shower heads and bath faucet.
  • (And a secondary one between the overhead extra large shower head and the smaller hand shower ( comes with bracket for holding the hand shower).
  • Comes with a typical petite *maisonmummy* signature gift.
  • Cost:
    $ 777.50 ( mad I know) but this is the last one available.
  • ( Supurbly priced when you consider taps alone cost more than that at mainstream shops.
    (It’s only this price because it’s a stocktake sale item)!!!


Please note:

If if you wanted to see the actual design of the bath and shower faucet, I can shoot you a drawing of he item. Please note that is a scetch  only and  it’s why I took photos. Also the drawing / designs are in black so does not do the faucets justice – it’s a stunner-set and has been very popular this year ( so take advantage of this rare  maisonmummy sale price.

New goods will be arriving from overseas as well as top Australian and New Zealand companies ( however, they will all be home items that are different/ unique).

So friends, there will be something for everyone.  Maisonmummy  prides itself as catering to international companions  from the über edgy designs to the traditional forever/ timeless pieces as well as stunning art made of your homes, with portraits as well as any memoirs  you would love to frame. There may be more maisonmummy candles ( French lavender made especially by my colleague from McKay who’s candle making business is doing so well  plus items for  children. In fact ANYTHING to do with the Maison ( by now you know this means home but fir new readers one can never assume).

  • Postage ( obviously extra).
  • First in first serve
  • pay via bank ( bsb/ account details will be provided separately) and name the item and your surname and address plus telephone contact.
  • Mall items are carefully packed.
  • Photos taken. Pls call admin on
    Mobile 0409 409 069 ( Owen or Ingrid


  • Step one- Email: ingridrmessner@gmail.com




Want to join the maisonmummy blog /Or for current members?

  • All those joining the  maisonmummy blog will receive all items to be sold and found , items on sale, as a PRIORITY  before FB or other magazines like Melbourne Weekly etc.

With a Boho- Bless,

Ing X

  • Www.maisonmummy.com

Boho-bunker- Boots

Before you think this is about boring surgery. Think twice Okay I’ll get it out of the way Abd then here’s a little something going in collaboration with suis ( Nikki) my old Kew friend…

Source: Boho-bunker- Boots


Handmade with love a maisonmummy French lavender soy candle by the delightful Dee..

Handmade with love a maisonmummy French lavender soy candle by the delightful Dee.

Well hello  again my dear and loyal readers.

Many of you know about the many changes and challenges I have been through and I have been so yearning to write this wee blog about a rather remarkable lady I met through a woman’s support from last year.

Dee Dunworth  is your quintessential candle-lady.  Not only is she warm, creative and unique . She deeply cares about each and every clients journey and is very easy to get along with . Perhaps we especially warm to those people who have similar values or qualities to our own. I say that because, I used to make candles in craft classes at boarding school in Austria. When I met Dee and we discussed her new business venture it took me right back to my cultural roots:)

So essentially Dee hand designed my maisonmummy candles ( I just j’adore)  but can also do the same for you!

And lovely Dee has kindly offered to hand design a custom made candle just for being a maisonmummy supporter.

If your interested please email me at

ingridrmessner@gmail.com and tell me why you would like to have one designed. I look forward to hearing from you …


More about ” Dream-Candles”

Dee is a highly intelligent woman who was working in finance when her life led her to a different place ( I know something about that!)…dream candles. Her very own candle-making company.

She now lives and works out of her Mackay studio where she designs her very own custom-made designer candles.

Each candle is unique

each has a different scent

the candles are made from soy

she uses only the best quality products

she has a terrific membership club that includes specials and give-aways!

Dee is always telling me how playful she feels when she designs a candle for each unique individual. I guess it connects her with her inner-child-something we could all have a little *more * of in our very busy lives.

She is currently designing some very lovely nautical designs just for * maisonmummy by the sea*  with lovely white rope on it so the candles can be hung on either side of our fireplace.


For further information go to:


Dee Dunworth

M: +61 427 589 212

e: info@dreamcandles.com.au


Remember the competition closes in one week on the 26th of March, 2015.

Please note for overseas readers there may be a postal cost but it would not be much.

**No postal costs for Australia-wide readers.

Simply email ingridrmessner@gmail.com

( Maisonmummy’s email) and in a few short words write to me why you would love to have your very own custom-made soy candle for either yourself or someone you love.


And keep lighting those candles of hope for the poor people in Vanuatu as well as the prisoners who have made such a massive spiritual And creative reform in Bali.


Ing x


Dee will always custom make a designer candle just for you according to what you love and who you are

Dee will always custom make a designer candle just for you according to what you love and who you are.

#my healing sea- farm change

Opa's farm: our family far

Opa’s farm: our family farm in Mount Martha

Yes, we did it. Despite the pain and the

Views from our shed balcony

Views from our shed balcony

renovations ( unfinished ) it was the start of 2015 and we had to make the decision whether or not to make * the* move.

Our moo-cows and calving season

Our moo-cows and calving season

The original shed purchased for $20 At the army barracks opposite out farm

The original shed purchased for $20
At the army barracks opposite out farm

The smell of olives

The smell of olives

The shed being gradually revised

The shed being gradually revised

You see, this has been a secret dream of

mine for years but now that Vienna as offered a position at Toorak College, we had to make that move to my parents hobby farm ( for the short term) in Order for me to begin the healing process.

Dont get me wrong, Northcote is wonderful- in many ways, everything and more we could possibly dream of, however, after three years in the city and ongoing endless medical appointments, I needed the change.

The Road to Nowhere

The Road to Nowhere

Sometimes in order to grow and heal we have to do what WE think necessary and not be fearful if what the outcomes may be. We have this inner urge to seek out a new location ( something I’ve done many times in my life) that will challenge us to reconnect us with something that we long for.

I always imagined living by the sea and land but when I became extremely unwell and yes there were indeed times when I thought, I wouldn’t make it through –

I realised that life is so previous and not all of us will make it through to retirement to reep it’s rewards. That’s a fact. Who knows?


So, one day I thought that ” this was the time” and I know the region well because Our family has a farm in Mount Martha and I have such fond memories of  watching my brother and father  build the farm shed without any modern-day gadgets. They purchased the my barrack shed for about $20 and moved it accross the road and built inside and around it.

Its no palace and yet I can see every piece of wood they chopped by hand to make a small shelter on massive land

and have, since, then build roads, an olive plantation, a shed for honey- making and a huge chicken shed. We have cows and ATM it’s calving season so it’s extra special.

Vienna never wanted to go for walks around the block. Parks- fine but what child, aged 7 wants that?

Now, she happily walks through the olive groves, searching for sticks and loves nothing more than to ride her scooter along the road and sing to the calves!


I have lovely memories of growing up and riding my horse, Beau there. My son then loved collecting the chicken eggs with his handmade Austrian basket.

When the farm was first built, there was an article in the Mornington Times About our farm titled ” The Road to No-Where” because we had built a long winding asphalt road so that my Austrian parents wouldn’t damage their German cars!

Believe me, it’s a middle European thing I never quite understood until I myself was a tad older.

Dad makes his own olive oil and honey and has loved the farm more than any holiday he has ever been on. And he loves his SHED. And now, years later, we love his shed too!



We are making the most of our time on the farm. The fresh air and the sweet simplicities like hearing to moo-cows in the morning. How do we even eat those adorning creatures! And it sure does teach the kids where things come from.

As I look around, I realise that Mount Martha has few farms left and that this time there by the sea is so utterly precious. One day I’ll blink and see a sea of housing estates and remember our days on the family farm with the deepest pride and love for all it taught me and the Children.

I keep urging people to live their dreams if at all possible, even if it’s just a wee one.

Stop and consider, what is your dream life?

How might you begin to plan for it?

And believe it or not, there may be a little miracle or something so obvious in front of you, you just can’t see it.


ing x